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CSP is a not‐for‐profit company

Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), head-quartered in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) is an independent, not-for-profit scholarly publisher dedicated to serving the needs of researchers and their communities, not only by publishing quality peer-reviewed journals but also by supporting the knowledge-sharing activities of scholarly societies and other key partners through events, awards, and other exchanges.

CSP's Board of Directors

CSP's Board is drawn from the research and publishing communities and represents all interests of the scholarly publishing community in Canada and beyond, including researchers, scientific societies, libraries, and business.

Board of Directors: David F. Strong (Chair), Janet Halliwell (Vice Chair), Deb deBruijn, Samuel Gubins, Hossein Rahnama, John P. Smol, Christine Charbonneau, and Françoise Winnik. Click here to learn more about each of our Directors.

CSP's Membership

CSP’s membership base is composed of two types of Members: the first is made up of institutions, agencies and associations involved in supporting and conducting research, the collection and preservation of research and data and the support of scholarly communication; the second consists of the Editors and Editors-in-Chief of CSP’s scholarly journals (for a list of journal editors please visit the individual journal pages). The following list includes the organizations who are currently CSP members:

Canadian Association of Learned Journals 
Royal Society of Canada 
Canadian Nutrition Society 
Canadian Geotechnical Society 
Geological Association of Canada 
Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health 
Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors 
Canadian Physiological Society
Society of Canadian Limnologists
Canadian Association of Research Libraries
Canadian Institute of Geomatics
Agricultural Institute of Canada
Canadian Botanical Association
Canadian Research Knowledge Network
Unmanned Systems Canada
Immunodeficiency Canada
Canadian Society of Animal Science
Canadian Society for Horticultural Science
Canadian Society of Agronomy
Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA)
Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI)
Council of Canadian Academies

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Executive Editor-in-Chief: James J. Germida, PhD

Jim Germida is a Professor of Soil Science at the University of Saskatchewan and currently serving as the Vice-Provost, Faculty Relations.  Joining the university in 1981, Jim served as the Head of Soil Science from 1997 until 2004 when he assumed vice-provost duties. He maintains an active NSERC funded research program and currently supervises/co-supervises a number of MSc and PhD students. His research program addresses questions on the nature of the many beneficial interactions between plants and microorganisms, including the functional diversity of the microbial communities in the rhizosphere and endorhizosphere (i.e., endophytic bacteria and fungi) of plants, and how the interactions between this component of the microbiome and host plant influences plant health, nutrient cycling and ecosystem sustainability.  He has published over 130 refereed journal articles and book chapters, and has given many invited and contributed presentations at national and international conferences. An active member of a many national and international societies, Jim served as President of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists, 2000-2001.  He has also served a member of the Science and Technology Advisor Board to Environment Canada (2002-2005) and Council of Science and Technology Advisors, Industry Canada (2005-2006). In 2015 he was the recipient of the Innovation Place–Industry Liaison Office Award of Innovation. He served as the co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Microbiology from 1993 - 2016, and is currently a member of the Editorial Boards of Soil Biology & Biochemistry, International Journal of Phytoremediation, Plant and Soil, and Arid Land Research and Management.

CSP's Management Team

Executive Director: Suzanne Kettley

Director, Human Resources: Astra Groskaufmanis

Director, Finance: Claire Laliberte

Director, Business Development: Mike Boroczki

Marketing & Communications: Rebecca Ross
Content Development: Colin Guthrie

Director, Publishing Operations: Judy Busnarda

Production & Vendor Management: Judy Hum-Delaney
Managing Editors: Michael Donaldson, Tamer ElBokl

Director, Information Technology: Judy Best

Business Analyst (IT): Mary Seligy
Innovation and Implementation Specialist: Cory Klinkenberg

CSP's Mission, Vision and Goals

As CSP moves into a new growth phase, its mission is to ADVANCE the understanding and development of science and technology. 

With an eye to the future, CSP strives  

  • to BE the most researcher-focused in what we do
  • to PROVIDE innovative scientific knowledge communication and dissemination
  • to REACH academic,  research, professional, and student communities around the world


  • DELIVER high-quality publishing and dissemination solutions for scientific researchers
  • BUILD on a global reputation for quality scientific research communication 
  • LAUNCH innovative publishing services that respond to the changing needs of researchers and other stakeholders 
  • CREATE new or enhanced services that support the dissemination of scientific knowledge in new ways, formats, and mediums
  • GROW a strong sustainable financial future through expanding journals, partnerships, client base, and geographic influence
  • DEVELOP a new business culture that is both innovative and entrepreneurial 
  • INVEST in and strengthen research communities in Canada

CSP's Strategic Plan

Download a copy of Canadian Science Publishing’s (2014-2017) Strategic Plan (.pdf). 

CSP's History

Canadian Science Publishing provides world-class scientific and technical scholarly publishing expertise and services to clients and publishes the NRC Research Press suite of journals. Since 1929, the NRC Research Press journals have been publishing peer-reviewed, international science on a not-for-profit basis with support from members of the Canadian scientific community. In September 2010, NRC Research Press (formerly part of the National Research Council of Canada) transitioned into an independent not-for-profit organization operating as Canadian Science Publishing (CSP).

Click here to read more on the history and evolution of the NRC Research Press journals since 1929.