And now - drumroll, please - introducing ...

March 19, 2015

By Tanya Samman

This is the third in a series of posts chronicling Canadian Science Publishing's development of a new multidisciplinary open access journal.

In my last post we asked for your help in naming our new journal. The results are in! Thanks to all who participated…

With 204 votes, here’s how things fell out:

 1. Open Research Canada (ORCA)     
 1. Open Research Canada (ORCA)
 2. CSP Open  2. CSP Open: Prime
 3. CSP Open: Prime  3. CSP Omni
 4. CSP Omni  4. CSP Open
Sooo… No clear favourite. But that is why we also asked you to provide alternative suggestions and feedback!

Some commenters provided some very useful insights. We were advised against using “open” in the title because of how common it is in other OA titles, and the fact that it really doesn’t reflect anything about the content of the journal. One person indicated that she/he uses “open” in the title to screen out fraudulent/less impactful journals.

Abbreviations/acronyms were also discouraged, as they are prevalently used in predatory publications, and set one commenter’s “spam senses tingling”.

It was also pointed out that there was too much focus on CSP in the four titles we suggested. One commenter noted that “CSP” means little to most researchers/readers (something we’re working hard to change!), and more importantly that the emphasis should be on the research and not on the publisher. This is exactly how we feel about it so we took that message to heart...

We received a variety of suggestions that were variations on a theme, similar in many ways to our four original suggestions. We also received a few unique suggestions from the community, and discussed our options.

One of these suggestions sparkled among the rest.  And, so…. drumroll please…. We’re proud to introduce you to


Thank you to the person who suggested it!! Because the survey was anonymous we can’t identify who that person was, but hopefully she/he will read this post. Thank you again!

The title reflects (pun intended) the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of the journal, and is a term used in many scientific areas. We think it is a perfect choice.

So hurray! Now we have a name and don’t have to refer to it as “CSP’s new multidisciplinary online open access journal” any more!

Thanks again for the help and the feedback!

Stay tuned…

About Tanya
Tanya Samman (@T_S_Sci) has a multidisciplinary background and brings an interdisciplinary approach to all her pursuits. She received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the University of Toronto, and her Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, specializing in paleontology and geology. Her research interests include palaeoecology and functional morphology/biomechanics. Tanya is interested not only in the research aspect of science, but also in science education, outreach, and communication. She volunteers her time with several organizations and has participated in activities that include mentoring, classroom visits, field trips, presenting talks, setting up and staffing palaeontology and geology booths/tables for public events, and presenting research through the media. She has taught introductory geology and scientific literacy courses and is an alumna of the Banff Science Communications program. (Photo credit: Scott Rowed)

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