Introducing FACETS: How Are We Different?

March 15, 2016

We’re gearing up to fully launch FACETS, a multidisciplinary open access science journal next month! As many of you know, submissions have been open since October and since then we’ve received dozens of submissions, words of encouragement and amazing feedback from the community. As with any new product or service, one of the questions we hear the most is “how are you different?”. Researchers have countless options when it comes to publishing their research and with over 2.5 million scientific papers being published each year  there are many new journals launching to meet demand. But how do you choose the best venue for your research? Here are a few things that researchers have always had to take into account when submitting to a journal:

  • the editorial board;
  • the intended audience;
  • the scope;
  • the types of articles published;
  • the journal’s reputation and prestige;
  • the peer review process; and
  • the publisher of the journal.
And now, with so many different options out there, researchers have an added layer of choice when it comes to choosing the right journal, including:
  • Is the journal open access?
  • Does the journal’s open access policy meet funding requirements?
  • Is the journal multidisciplinary or does it have a specific focus?
  • Is the publisher of the journal for-profit or not-for-profit?
As a not-for-profit publisher, our number one goal is to create products and services that meet the needs of the research community. It is for that reason that we developed FACETS as a multidisciplinary open access science journal that complements the other journals that make up our collection.

So how are we different? And why publish in FACETS?
FACETS is different than the other multidisciplinary open access journals out there in four main ways:
  • We accept a wider diversity of paper types.
  • Our Integrative Sciences section allows us to publish research at the intersection of sciences and the social sciences.  
  • Our acceptance criteria require not only technical soundness but also research that advances knowledge; our objective is not to mass publish – we value quality over quantity.
  • For Canadian researchers, the fact that we’re Canadian uniquely positions us to provide a channel that best meets the needs of Canadian researchers and the academic publishing ecosystem in which they work. For our international authors, FACETS provides an ideal publication outlet that facilitates research being globally accessible and highly visible to broad audiences on the international stage.
While we pride ourselves in the ways that we’re different, we also share favourable characteristics with existing multidisciplinary open access journals:
  • We prioritize rigorous review and a thorough, transparent editorial process.
  • We have a broad scope with six main sections and over 30 subjects.
  • We publish a diversity of paper types including research articles, review articles, communications, notes, perspectives, editorials, comments and science applications forum papers.
  • We focus on visibility: FACETS will be indexed in all the key databases and as open access research, papers published in FACETS will be full-text searchable and readily available through both academic and public search engines.
  • FACETS will receive an Impact Factor approximately three years after launch. However, we can also measure impact in other ways. For example, we make use of Altmetric and other article level metrics to evaluate the impact and reach of our papers both within and outside of academia.
  • We recognize that timely publication is important to researchers so we endeavour to provide a thorough yet efficient process in order to review, make a decision and publish your research as expediently as possible.
As for why you should publish with us, the first step is to think about the criteria described above and determine the type of venue you’d like to see your research published in. Do you see your research being made available to the widest possible audience of not only your peers but also policy-makers, not-for-profit organizations, independent researchers and even the general public? Do you see your research being published along other research both within and outside of your field, all working together to find innovative approaches to the scientific problems that face our modern society? Are you interested in publishing in a journal that benefits from 85 years of scholarly publishing experience while still maintaining an innovative and agile start-up mentality, reacting quickly to the needs of its community? If so, we’re confident we’d be a great fit for your research. Our full website is launching in April but in the meantime we encourage you to take a look at our Instructions to Authors, our Editorial Board, our Publishing Policy, and the other resources available online at

Our philosophy for open access has always been about choice; FACETS provides a trusted open access channel for Canadian and international researchers who choose to publish as open access and who choose to publish in a journal with a multidisciplinary scope. Connect with FACETS on Facebook , Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

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