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Mary Seligy
Raymond Nakamura

Science Art by Mary Seligy

Mary Seligy is a graduate of the biology program at Queen's University. Before joining CSP as a business analyst (IT), she worked variously as a scientific publishing editor, illustrator, and research technologist. Mary is also the technical team lead for Science Borealis.

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"Editorial" Cartoons by Raymond Nakamura

Once upon a time, Raymond earned his doctorate on the hydrodynamics of sand dollars. Nowadays, when he is not employed as personal assistant to his lovely and demanding daughter, he rents his brain to create fun, educational experiences in science and history, through facts and fiction, with words, pictures, and whatever else is handy. Visit him online at Raymond's Brain or follow him on Twitter @raymondsbrain

This cartoon accompanies "Open Access publishing: Pipe dream or way forward for science?"
By Raymond Nakamura

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By Raymond Nakamura 

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