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Via Editage Insights: Introduction to Bruce Dancik and NRC Research Press/Canadian Science Publishing

Pauli Exclusion Principle from Robert Roaldi on Vimeo.

There are currently 44 in this video series by Robert Roaldi , found here, each of which took approximately 2-3 hours to produce. The shortest film Undetected Neutrino is 8 seconds long, whereas Wormhole Time Travel is 35. Read the full story here.

The Royal Society of Canada 2013 - New Fellows Presentation (sponsored by CSP - NRC Research Press)

Video Abstracts from Genomics: The Power and the Promise

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to spend some facetime with many of the promising young researchers who presented posters at  Genomics: the Power and the Promise, a conference hosted by the Gairdner Foundation and Genome Canada, which took place in Ottawa on November 27-28, 2012. Watch the video abstracts below to learn more about exciting new research in the world of genomics. Visit Genome Canada on YouTube to see all of the Conference Speaker Presentations or view full poster abstract  playlist on Youtube.
The October 2013 issue of Genome is a special anniversary issue dedicated to this conference.

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