Press Releases

February 9, 2017

Executive Order Statement

As a leader in scholarly publishing, and with an 88 year history of supporting researchers from all over the world, Canadian Science Publishing expresses support to our friends and colleagues who have voiced concern about the executive order issued in the United States to bar people from seven countries from entering the United States. While we watch optimistically the latest developments concerning the ban, including the temporary restraining order, Canadian Science Publishing is reminded of its mission to advance the understanding and development of science and technology. This mission acts as a reminder that science is global and science is collaborative. Almost 50% of the research published in our journals comes from researchers outside of Canada and the United States. In addition, 13% of our Editorial Board is made up of individuals from countries outside of Canada and the United States. We see this global community of researchers as our greatest strength. 

Canadian Science Publishing recognizes the importance of free flowing information, dialogue and collaboration, whether that is in person at the hundreds of academic conferences and meetings, visits to labs and universities, guest lectures, research collaborations, post-doctoral work and more, between researchers from all countries. In the coming weeks and months, CSP will work to contribute to the dialogue of the importance of these international partnerships, collaboration and sharing of scientific resources and information to highlight and promote the collaborative work done between Canadian scientists and scientists all over the world.  We support the statements of other leaders in our industry such as Universities Canada, the Royal Society of Canada, and the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution and look forward to working with our colleagues to continue to support our collective and individual missions as organizations working to support researchers in Canada and abroad.