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September 27, 2016
Shanghai, China

New Chinese-Canadian Partnership Formed to Launch Open Access International Journal

Canadian Science Publishing and East China Normal University sign agreement to develop a new peer-reviewed journal to serve the needs of international researchers 

27 September 2016 (Shanghai, China) – Today, Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) signed an agreement with East China Normal University (ECNU) as the first official step in launching both a new international partnership and a new open access international journal, Anthropocene Coasts. This peer-reviewed international journal will explore multidisciplinary studies on the regime shift in response to concentrated human activities in the world estuarine and coastal regions.  

As the first global journal published in partnership between Canada and China on this topic, Anthropocene Coasts focuses on the rapidly changing nature of human influence on coastal areas and climate change, topics of great importance for Canada, China and other coastal regions. The international partnership also reflects the global nature of the Anthropocene, as coastal regions all over the world are grappling with the physical, chemical, biological and anthropogenic processes. The journal will be jointly co-owned by CSP and ECNU.
CSP is Canada’s premier science publisher and publishes a suite of 21 journals, many of which have been in publication since 1929. More recently, CSP has launched two fully open access journals, Arctic Science and FACETS. “This partnership with ECNU is a natural fit within our strategic objectives to develop products and services that best serve international research groups and encourage the publication of the highest quality research. We are honoured to be working with such a prestigious university and look forward to building on our individual strengths to develop a new journal that directly meets the needs of the international research community,” says Ms. Suzanne Kettley, Executive Director of CSP. 

ECNU was founded in Shanghai in 1951 and is one of the most prestigious universities in China. Since 1978, ECNU has positioned itself as a comprehensive research university and places much focus on the development of cooperative partnerships around the world. In developing this new journal, ECNU and CSP have the opportunity to foster this international relationship and also extend and support the development of a new topic of inquiry. “Human economic activities are concentrated on the development of coastal and estuarine regions. As a result, more rigorous scientific research is required to provide the solutions to various changes and long-term issues that are emerging from the present-day coasts. I am pleased to support the development of Anthropocene Coasts, which is also the first partnership between our university and a Canadian publisher,” says Dr. Qun Chen, President of ECNU. 

The journal will be led by founding Co-Editor, Dr. Shu Gao, Director of the State Key Laboratory for Estuarine and Coastal Research at ECNU. An international Co-Editor will be joining Dr. Gao, further solidifying the international research and connection of the journal. 

The journal will be hosted as part of CSP’s state-of-the-art journal platform and will benefit from CSP’s long-standing reputation for editorial excellence and rigorous peer review. Anthropocene Coasts will begin accepting submissions in spring 2017 and will be waiving author processing charges for an introductory period. Anthropocene Coasts will benefit from an established worldwide reach as well as advanced tools and services for promoting published papers. Anthropocene Coasts will provide a high-quality publication forum for a global population of researchers. 

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