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June 2, 2014
Halifax, NS

Announcing the winners of the CSCE Technical Paper Awards

Sustainable Municipalities” is the focus of the 2014 Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) annual conference taking place in Halifax from May 28-31, 2014. On the evening of May 30, at the awards banquet, outstanding members of this society were recognized with a number of prestigious Career Awards. The CSCE Technical Paper Awards were distributed to authors of articles published in either the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering (CJCE) or the Canadian Geotechnical Journal  (CGJ).

Congratulations to this year’s award winners! The award-winning papers are free to read on the journal websites. The awards, authors, and paper titles are listed below:

Stephen G. Revay Award: This Award is presented for the best paper in the two-year period 2011-13 in the areas of construction engineering, construction management or project management.
The Stephen G. Revay Award for 2013-14 is granted to Adel Awad and Aminah Robinson Fayek for their paper "Contractor default prediction model for surety bonding", Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 39, pp. 1027-1042.
Honourable mention is awarded to Hong Xian Li, Mohamed Al-Hussein, Zhen Lei, and Ziad Ajweh for their paper "Risk identification and assessment of modular construction utilizing fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and simulation", Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 40, pp. 1184-1195.

The Donald R. Stanley Award: This Award was established in 2006 in honour of the late Dr. Don Stanley, a leader in the transfer of research and technology into the practice of Environmental Engineering.
The 2014 Donald R. Stanley Award is granted to R. Kerry Rowe and Yan Yu for their paper "A practical technique for estimating service life of MSW leachate collection systems", Canadian Geothechnical Journal, Volume 50 pp. 165-178

Thomas C. Keefer Medal: The Keefer Medal, established in 1942, is presented annually for the best civil engineering paper in hydrotechnical, transportation or environmental engineering.
The 2013 Keefer Medal is awarded to Bonnie Dobchuck, Craig Nichol, G.Ward Wilson, and Michel Aubertin for their paper "Evaluation of a single-layer desulphurized tailings cover", Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Volume 50, pp. 777-792.

Casimir Gzowski Medal: Established by Sir Casimir in 1890, the Casimir Gzowski Medal is awarded annually for the best civil engineering paper in surveying, structural engineering or heavy construction.
The 2013 Casimir Gzowski Medal is awarded to Rafaat El-Hacha and Khaled Soudki for their paper "Prestressed near-surface mounted fibre reinforced polymer reinforcement for concrete structures – a review", Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 40, pp. 1127-1139.
The Honourable Mention is awarded to M. Jolie, M.M. Hassan and A.A. El Damatty for their paper "Assessment of current design procedures for conical tanks under seismic loading", Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 40, pp. 1151-1163
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