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February 12, 2014
Ottawa, ON

Announcing the 2013 Best Paper Awards for Canadian Young Scientists

Journal: Canadian Young Scientist Journal

The Best Paper Awards for Canadian Young Scientists recognize the authors of exceptional papers published in the Canadian Young Scientist Journal (CYSJ). Sponsored by Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press), the Best Paper Awards for Canadian Young Scientists are given out annually to aspiring young scientists for outstanding contributions. Chosen by the editorial board of CYSJ, each winning author receives a certificate and a subscription to an NRC Research Press journal in a field related to their paper. This year, honours went to a number of outstanding young students in a variety of scientific areas.

Best Paper in Psychology

Adelina Corina Cozma, Bayview Secondary School

Growing Up 'In Sync': Connecting a Bridge to an Autistic Mind's World

This study investigates the benefits of using an innovative digital system  to screen for auditory-visual integration deficits by determining the temporal integration windows of bimodal speech perception in autistic and typically developing children, and to evaluate whether speech intelligibility and prosodic processing can be improved through audio-video noise reduction in two dimensional (2D) and stereoscopic three dimensional (S3D) display environments….

Best Paper in Biology

Daphnee Dubouchet-Olsheski, Elmwood School, Ottawa, Ontario

Development Of An Aptamer-Based MRI Contrast Agent For Thrombin Detection

Thrombin is an enzyme that converts soluble fibrinogen into insoluble strands of fibrin (which works with platelets to form a blood clot). MR imaging of thrombin could be useful in the imaging of blood clots (thrombus and embolus).  An MRI contrast agent can be made more specific for a certain protein by conjugating (joining) it to an aptamer….

Best Paper in Life Sciences

Sarah Julia Hyslop, Bishop Carroll High School, Calgary, Alberta

The Road to Novel Antibiotics

There is an urgent need for novel classes of antibiotics as most species of bacteria have at least one antibiotic resistant gene, resulting in the bacteria being almost impossible to eradicate. In the past 40 years, only two new classes of antibiotics have been developed  It is essential that novel antibiotics be developed to combat the increasing threat from multi-drug resistance bacteria…

Best Paper in Chemistry

Zach Elgood, Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute, Kitchener; Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario

AgNP Stability in Humic Solutions

Silver nanoparticles have an as¬sortment of purposes: they can act as antimicrobial agents, opti¬cal technologies, and more, and are therefore forever in demand where products and technologies are concerned. Humic acid is an acid found within the aptly-named humic substances: organic con¬stituents of soli (or humus, hence their name), and many other sub¬strates in an assortment of environments….

Best Paper in Environmental Science

Jennifer Csele, Notre Dame College School, Welland, Ontario

A Novel Cold Cathode Source for Determining Lead Concentration

In this experiment, Jennifer Csele sought to develop an ef¬fective method for determining lead concentration non-conducting samples using a cathode lamp, readily affected by numerous variables (including surrounding gas pressure). The effects of lead emissions on this lamp's emission signal were cal¬culated; it was noted that a rela¬tionship could be found between lead concentration and signal intensity….

In addition to providing a forum to showcase discoveries, CYSJ provides young people a unique opportunity to develop their scientific research and communication skills. Canadian Science Publishing is a proud sponsor of the Canadian Young Scientist Journal.

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