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Canadian Journal of Plant Science

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Editors-in-Chief: Chris Willenborg, Ph.D. (University of Saskatchewan) and Brian Beres, Ph.D. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta)

The Canadian Journal of Plant Science is an international peer-reviewed journal affiliated with the Canadian Society of Agronomy, the Canadian Society for Horticultural Science and the Canadian Weed Science Society. The journal reports original peer-reviewed research on aspects of plant science relevant to continental climate-agriculture. Subject areas cover aspects of plant production and management including: agronomy (grain, forage, industrial, and alternative crops), horticulture (fruit, vegetable, ornamental, greenhouse, and alternative crops), and pest management (entomology, plant pathology, and weed science). Cross-disciplinary research in the application of technology, plant breeding, genetics, physiology, biotechnology, microbiology, soil management, economics, meteorology, post-harvest biology and plant production systems are also published. Research that makes a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge of crop, horticulture and weed sciences (e.g., drought or stress resistance) but not directly applicable to the environmental regions of Canadian agriculture, may also be considered for publication.