CSP Open: It’s About Choice

Publishers, researchers, authors, and librarians are investigating how open access is changing the scholarly publishing ecosystem. Open access presents new challenges for publishers in the development of products and services that best serve authors and the wider academic community.

What We’re Doing at CSP

At Canadian Science Publishing we’re openly engaged in the dialogue with our editors, authors, readers and customers. We are working diligently to explore open access publishing options with two new open access journals, FACETS and Arctic Science, and a collection of solutions for authors who wish to publish their research in our subscription journals and still meet their funder’s open access requirements.

At Canadian Science Publishing, our goal is to respond, swiftly and systematically, to the needs of our authors and researchers. We believe that open access is about choice. With CSP Open we’re pleased to highlight our open access products and services.


Publish Your Research as Open Access


Let Us Deposit Your Work For You

The University of Toronto Libraries Open Access Repository


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